Sale Mack's Double D Dodger Pearl Prism 4.4"

Mack's Double D Dodger Pearl Prism 4.4"

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Brand: Mack's
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The Mack's Double D Dodger not only has the proven traditional dodger action that is known to catch ?sh, but also delivers its patent-pending stop & go action to your lure. The Double D does the work for you… Most savvy anglers know that if you want to catch more ?sh, making S-curves and/or speeding up and slowing down your lure with the throttle will do it. In fact, they will tell you; the vast majority of ?sh are caught when making a turn. 

The patent-pending design of the Mack’s Lure Double D Dodger constantly puts that same action to work for you. The Double D™ doesn’t wait for turns… The constant speed-up/slow-down action means never again waiting for the turn to catch your ?sh. You will be in ?sh-catching mode constantly. The Double D™ for double duty… A diagram on the back of the dodger shows a second important bene?t. There are four attachment points that allow you to spread your lines, as well as move them out from underneath the boat path like a side planer does. 

This unique dodger will help you catch more fish and expand your coverage area.

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