Tomic Wee Tad 2" Pink Glow

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Brand: Tomic
Product Code: 971

Every Tomic Lure is hand painted and assembled to precise specifications using the best quality materials available. We believe in our products, and know they will make you a better fisherman.
The Wee Tad is a 2-inch thread through plug, which is very effective on various species in both fresh and salt water. This tiny plug was responsible for catching a Chinook salmon weighing 69 lbs. It is consistent catching various other species including Bass, Kokanee, Sockeye, Pink Salmon, Trout, Tuna, Snook, Jack, and Permit.
Each Wee Tad comes with a bead, swivel, and either a treble or a single hook (your choice).

The Wee Tad is a thread through plug, which has two holes it can be trolled from. Each hole gives a different action, which enables it to be trolled at various speeds with a huge variety of hook sizes (from #6 to 4/0 singles). These plugs can be customized to your specific needs and even fished in multiples.


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