4 Fins Coated Downrigger Weight 10 Lb.

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This hydrodynamic design using recycled lead and new brass eyelets rated at 600lbs has proven to track better than common cannon ball type (with or without fins) and minimize "blow back" at all trolling speeds, this is especially critical when stacking...ask any angler or professional guide that use them on Northern California lakes, reservoirs, ocean and throughout Oregon, Idaho, Washington state and western Canada. There is a scientific reason why torpedoes are not round balls.

These weights are significantly easier to handle and stow (will not roll around the boat but will fit into a Scotty downrigger weight cradle or a Cabela's "Weight Baby").

All weights are available with a patent pending professionally sprayed durable Eco-friendly spray-on bedliner product.
Benefits with using these coated weights;
• Coating will not peel (unlike rubber or vinyl "coatings").
• Will never rust (unlike cast iron or steel weights). 
• Cost effective compared to prices of imported "coated" weights at large retail stores.
• Prevents lead residue on hands and marks on the boat from natural occurring oxidation. 


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