Hyper-Vis Material Neon Pink

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Brand: Hyper-Vis +
Product Code: 3058

3 Strips per package  Each strip is 2'X8"

The Ultimate Reflective Material on the market today. Just Cut-Peel-Stick.

No other adhesive product that has the Flash and Brilliance and Flash Angle of Hyper-Vis.

Visability does matter! Drives fish crazy!!!Hyper-Vis® is the most effective Visual Impact Material for catching fish on the market today. We are excited to now be able to offer Hyper-Vis® in the New easy to use Cut-Peel-Stick design of Hyper-Vis+™. It is so effective and simple to use that everyone from the novice to the experienced fisherman will find it Amazing! We have been using and improving Hyper-Vis for over 15 years but due to the need of special application equipment it only saw limited use. That all changed with Hyper-Vis+™. Made from the finest materials we could find, no matter the cost, blending chemistry, physics, biology, prayer, and just plain trial & error Hyper-Vis+™ was created. Our 17-step manufacturing process utilizing American and German engineering and technology makes it easy to apply to virtually any piece of tackle you own. We strongly believe, from years of personal experience, that the use of Hyper-Vis+™ on your terminal gear will dramatically increase your strike ratio.


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