Brad's Super Bait are a Patented bait-holding lure with a super rotating action! It has proven very effective for Chinook, Coho, Lake Trout, and Walleye! It can be fished by trolling, casting, plunking, or back bouncing. Single pack comes with a 36" 15# Izorline leader with 2 octopus hooks, scent pad and rubber bands. Slit cavity patented design, wounded bait fish action.
Add your scent or filet and it is ready to fish!


By Sam Baird of Slammin Salmon Guide Service

It’s no secret that Kokanee fishing out west is becoming a favorite among anglers. Whether you’re just starting out or a seasoned fisherman, once you’ve caught the Kokanee bug you’re hooked! Fast action, hard fighting on super light tackle, challenging, and not to mention one of the finest table fare that swims- the Kokanee addiction is spreading!

Now, there are as many different lures on the market as there are Kokanee swimming in our lakes and reservoirs. Many of these lures are meant to catch the angler well before ever reaching the water. Through the years I’ve run just about everything on my quest to fill a cooler with these tasty silver bullets. These days I spend the majority of my time chasing big Kokanee, along with numbers. This is where the Brad’s Mini Cut Plug comes into play. Not only does it catch the numbers of fish we all love, but it’s hands down the best big Kokanee lure on the market. I know what you’re saying, “These Mini Cut Plugs are far too big to catch Kokanee.” I was right there with you until a friend of mine boarded my boat a couple years ago on Lake Chelan and changed my entire way of thinking. Solid aggressive strikes that were very un-Kokanee-like, much bigger than average fish being caught, and durability that outlasts any other Kokanee lure I’ve used. From that day forward I’ve been fine tuning my presentation of the Brad’s Mini Cut Plug and now it’s one of my go to lures wherever I’m fishing.

Here is the run down for how I run my Brad’s Mini Cut Plugs for Kokanee:

Every lake has its tendencies when it comes to color. Personally I like running the Solid Pink, Pink Magic, and Lady Bug. Though, I know of other fisherman that do very well on colors such as Mt. Dew, Seahawk, Hot Melon, and Double Take. However, lake tendencies have a big part in choice of color.blog2inner

I start off with 4′ of 15 pound text fluorocarbon leader. Then I tie a size 2 pink or red hook on the end of the leader. Next, slide 2 or 3 small beads down the leader to the hook. Now tie the second hook on the leader as the picture shows. After both hooks are on the line you can now either use all beads or a sequence of beads and tubing to separate the hooks from the bait. Again, the picture shows my exact rigging. Once these are placed you run your leader up though the hook garage and out the head of the Mini Cut Plug. Tie the loose end to a barrel swivel 3′ from the head of the Mini Cut Plug. Now, just attach to your favorite dodger and off you go!

There are only a couple things that I use to stuff my Mini Cut Plugs with and they have worked very well, so why change them?
1) Whatever Corn you are using for the day. 2) Ground up salad Shrimp. 3) Oil packed Tuna. 4) Garlic dough bait. I use Pautzke’s Atomic Garlic Fire Bait. Sometimes I even mix some of these for a different scent profile. The key here is to experiment. You might just find something that works better than what I use. Lastly, don’t forget to tip your hooks with either Shoe Peg Corn or the Berkley Maggots.

Running the Mini Cut Plug:
Now that you have your Mini Cut Plug rigged, baited and stuffed you’re ready to go! I run off of down riggers, so I go 40 to 60 feet back from the ball. As for speed I like to run these from 1.4 to 1.8 mph. Then I sit back and wait for the action to start with that first slammin’ strike!


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